5 Reasons Why the Kapsul W5 will be the Best Window Air Conditioner of 2019
  • Caitlin Antram

5 Reasons Why the Kapsul W5 will be the Best Window Air Conditioner of 2019

Dreaming of a not-so-distant future...

It’s officially the end of the cooling season and your old clunker of a window AC unit has finally kicked the bucket. Time to recycle that bulky beige box and spring for something better. A unit that is quieter. One that you can control from your smartphone and set schedules. One that even looks good.

We have you covered. The Kapsul W5 excels in the categories used by Consumer Reports to compare window AC units (which they say perform better than portable units in their tests), including accuracy reaching the set temperature, intuitiveness of controls, and lower noise levels.

But what we built goes beyond what regular air conditioners offer. We want to take the design and experience of window ACs to the next level.

Here are a few of the reasons we think the Kapsul W5 will be the Best Window AC of 2019:

1. Beautiful design

Just look at it! The Kapsul W5 is the most beautiful window unit that has ever existed. Period. Also the most modest, but I digress. Sleek silver curves; honeycomb lattice vents; friendly, uncomplicated face with a single dial and a LED display. It’s an air conditioner with both class and personality that will have your friends asking “Oooo, what is that?"

2. Quiet Operation

Even while running full blast, the W5 clocks in at a mere 50 dB. That’s nearly half the amount of sound emitted by your old AC! No more jolting awake when the compressor kicks on in the middle of the night.

This is the AC you’ll want in the living room, so you don’t have to turn off that cool air while you binge-watch Netflix.

Your office doesn’t need to have the ambient noise that sounds like a space shuttle launching next to you. A cool, quiet AC is the way to go.

3. Easier, safer installation

With a window-frame adapter that is separate from the W5 unit, it can be painlessly installed by one person. The independent frame creates a secure dock to slide in the unit. The adapter is only 10” high, airtight and adjustable for window openings 21” - 36” in width. It has never before been this easy to install a window air conditioner.

4. Low profile

At just over 7” high, the W5 has an extremely low profile so you end up with more window to enjoy! Even including the adapter frame, this unit still saves you several inches of height in your window. Comparable units for small rooms stand 14 to 15 inches high.

More skyline. More trees. More light. More daydreaming!

5. Smart and connected

The W5 gives you true control of the temperature in your home. The W5 is WiFi enabled and compatible for integration with your Alexa, Google Home, Nest. Better still, Kapsul has a free app that allows you to set a schedule or turn on your AC before you get home! Full control, right from your smartphone.

“Alexa, set the living room Kapsul to 72℉.”

Yes, we’re obsessed with an AC unit.

We know - this is a biased review. It’s obvious that we’re in love with the W5. Of course we’re going to say nice things about our baby we’ve spent years developing. (Your parents probably give biased reviews about you too.) We just can’t wait till it arrives next spring so we can hear all about how much you love it too!



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