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Company History

Kapsul’s legal name is Premium Home Comfort Inc. Before becoming Kapsul, the company and product were known as Noria from June 2016 through to March 2018. The company changed the brand name to Kapsul in April 2018.


The company spun out of Likuma Labs, a product design shop based in Philadelphia PA and started in NextFab, a well-known maker space in Philadelphia PA. Likuma designed products for a number of startup companies who went on to raise tens of millions of dollars in funding using Likuma's designs. Notable clients include Biomeme, Camfil, Igloohome, Lux Products, and Smart Vision Labs. Likuma Labs operated from 2012 - 2016.


The founding partners of Likuma Labs, Kurt Swanson and Donald Pancoe, went on to found Kapsul in 2016.


Kapsul Is Born

The founders, along with lead designer Devin Sidell, saw the success their clients enjoyed using their designs and decided that they had the skills and experience necessary to launch their own brand. Kurt Swanson had always been interested in thermodynamics and decided to look at the air conditioning market. What he saw was an entire market category - room comfort - comprising room air conditioners, heaters, humidifiers, and air purifiers that lacked a premium design product. Window air conditioning, in particular, stood out as being frozen in time - products looked and worked like it was still 1950.


The team decided to reinvent the window air conditioner from the ground up and created a prototype for what has become the company’s launch product -the W5 5,000 BTU connected window air conditioner. This prototype was launched on Kickstarter to assess customer interest and the team was overwhelmed by the response. Over the course of 6 weeks, Kapsul pre-sold $1.4M on Kickstarter and then went to Indiegogo where they pre-sold another  $900,000 through June of 2017.


The team took used their crowdfunding success to finish the design of the product and lineup the supply chain and manufacturing partners need to get the product into backer hands and launch commercially. The final product design was finished in October 2017 when capacity (5,000 BTU) and energy efficiency (11 EER) were achieved in laboratory testing.


Kapsul was accepted into Techstars Boston in December of 2017 and completed the program in April 2018. 


Kapsul started pre-selling the W5 in April 2018 for delivery to users in April 2019.


For a complete company and design history, please see the blog post The Kapsul Story: How Did We Get Here.

Fast Facts

Premium Home Comfort Inc.

dba Kapsul

Founded in 2016

Started in NextFab in Philadelphia

Top-100 crowdfunded project of all time

Top-10 hardware crowdfunded project of all time

• $2.3M total through Kickstarter and Indigogo

• 6,000 backers

• 8,000 preorders

Delivery to backers scheduled for April 2019

Preorders started April 2018 for delivery April 2019

Additional Funding shown on Crunchbase.


Kurt Swanson, founder & CEO

Chris B. Myers, founder & COO

Donald Pancoe, founder & CTO

Devin Sidell, Head of Design

Sam Ettinger, Mechanical Engineer

Caitlin Antram, Community Manager

Linda Shi, General Counsel​

Press Releases

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Kapsul is reinventing home comfort one room at a time with premium products that manage the temperature, humidity, and quality of the air in your home.

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