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Kapsul’s newest product is the D Series Dehumidifier, designed to be the easiest, quietest, and most beautiful dehumidifier in the world.  


After countless design iterations, we finally arrived at a dehumidifier that's quiet, easy to empty, and as beautiful and connected as our W series A/C. What's more, the Kapsul D Series dehumidifier works even better than it looks.


We moved the collection tank to the top, both to make it easy to see the water level and to facilitate emptying. Picking up and replacing the tank is easy with the structural handle in the middle of the unit. The D Series uses an integral pump to bring water into the tank and to provide pressure to push water out a hose if you wish to empty it into a drain. Best of all, the Kapsul D Series Dehumidifier has built-in flood detection and will notify you if it senses water rising around it - now that's smart. 



• Beautiful Design

• Easy to Use

• Easy to Empty

• Integral Pump

• Built-in Flood Detection



The Kapsul D Series dehumidifier will be priced below SRP with free shipping during the pre-order event. 




Thanks! We'll let you know when preorders open.

At Kapsul, we’re committed to engineering products that solve problems and using design to bring beauty to people’s lives. We seek to create the home environment that we'd like to live in. That's Kapsul: exceptional products, obsessive design and care and commitment to your total satisfaction.

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