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    Let’s clear the air

    We’re not interested in making marginal improvements to our industry. We’re here to reinvent it. At Kapsul, every assumption is questioned. Every decision has a purpose. Our products aren’t 10% smaller—they’re 50% smaller. They aren’t slightly quieter—they’re twice as quiet. We surround ourselves with people who possess an unquenchable curiosity that leads them to create truly original products. Products we didn’t know we needed until we see what they can do.

    The air we breathe and the comfort we enjoy at home doesn’t need to be “conditioned.” It needs to be better in every way. So, while a revolutionary window air conditioner is our initial offering, it’s simply the first step toward fulfilling Kapsul’s mission—to make better air an integral part of a seamlessly connected and effortlessly controlled ecosystem.

    Calling All Change Makers

    We’re always on the lookout for people as passionate about the future of smart air as we are. If that sounds like you, please visit our Careers page.